Selection Procedure

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Pre Selection Procedure

On receipt of the confirmed job offer and exact job description for required categories, we source the candidates through our reserve pool and through advertisement if required so.

The details received are then analyzed, short-listed and candidates are then practically trade tested under the supervision of our professionals.

In case of technical selection, they will be interviewed by our panel of experts from relevant fields and then short-listed.

We then finalize the selection of the candidates from the shortlist. A copy of thus, if desired, can be sent to you for your perusal with experts’ remarks.

We also welcome you to personally interview the candidates and finalize the selection of preference.

Post Selection Procedure

Medical fitness test of the selected candidates and if approved then necessary actions for visa processing is done.

Completion of the Government Formalities.

Orientation of candidates by providing knowledge about tradition and cultural background of the host country, personal conduct, obligations and labor law.

Managing duly departure of workers to the destination countries.