Overseas Recruitment

Overseas Experience is  a valuable commodity in job market

For people working in competitive industries such as construction, engineering, security, Oil & Gas, hospitality, it’s important to consider how an overseas recruitment and overseas projects could benefit their careers in the long term. Although Nepal market is growing and creating an opportunities for its people, yet it is important to get explored to global market with new challenges.

Build character in challenging environments

Aside from the professional value in completing projects overseas, there’s a personal element of success for people on take on work outside of their regular comfort zone. That it’s an opportunity for people to expand their horizons.


Other Services

  • Documentation

    Requirement of documents vary from country to country. Documents requirements also depend on whether the embassy of manpower importing has a diplomatic mission in Nepal or not. Basically, we demand

  • Deployment

    After the restoration of democracy, Nepal increased its bilateral relationships through the opening of embassies or consular offices where there had not been one, which thus expanded the horizon of